Save $50 on Master Check and Mobile Check Inspections

Whether you want to purchase a used car or are about to hit the open road, get an RACQ vehicle inspection for greater peace of mind.
A comprehensive vehicle inspection will reveal any potentially serious or costly faults in a used vehicle. These are things that a basic Safety Certificate inspection won’t identify.
RACQ can carry out a range of vehicle inspections – from master checks through to spot checks. Our qualified professionals will find and assess flaws and let you know what sort of repairs you’d be up against. Using our hand-held computer, we compile the report as we go – and take photos along the way – and can then send it to you via post, email or fax. 

To book a vehicle inspection, send us an enquiry online or call us on 13 1905. 



  • Competitive rates
  • Qualified inspectors
  • Written report (including photos)
  • Existing and potential faults
  • Range of inspections available
  • ISO9001 Quality Certified 


Visit or call 13 19 05, 24 hours every day.

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