When you join the free2go program you will receive a free2go membership card. Your membership card provides access to all the RACQ member benefits and the additional benefits of the free2go program.

In addition, to help you start your motoring journey, RACQ provides access to free and discounted Roadside Assistance. This means:

  • We'll travel to your breakdown location for free, up to 50km from the nearest RACQ contractor's location.
  • Free towing up to 20km in any direction from the breakdown site. If you're in a regional area, this may increase up to 50km if you're towed in the same direction as the RACQ contractor's premises.
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown assistance.
  • Delivery of emergency fuel (fuel at your own cost).
  • We'll unlock your nominated vehicle if the keys are locked inside.
  • We'll change a tyre/wheel, and replace with your roadworthy spare. 

Need roadside assistance?

If you do breakdown, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Call RACQ on 13 1111, or request roadside assistance using your RACQ mobile app.
  2. Have your free2go membership card number, vehicle registration details, exact location and contact details ready for the operator.
  3. Wait with your car or at the agreed pick-up point.
  4. Show your free2go membership card and drivers licence for proof of identity to the RACQ contractor. 

To make sure you and your passengers are safe, check out our handy breakdown safety glovebox guide so you know what steps to take while waiting for a patrol. 

To claim the benefits of your RACQ Roadside Assistance with free2go, you need to be in attendance with your free2go card and licence ready to go. You cannot leave another person to wait with your car, unless you have a nominated vehicle listed for roadside assistance.

If you have lost your RACQ free2go membership card, contact the free2go team.

Did you know Did you know?

If you’re 18-19 years old, you get up to 2 years of roadside assistance on a nominated vehicle at half the price of the normal fee. This means that we’ll provide roadside assistance for your car, regardless of who’s driving it.