Fraser Coast Technology Challenge

The free2go team recently attended the 16th annual Fraser Coast Technology Challenge held at Maryborough State High School.

This challenge invites primary and high school students to develop efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles using emerging technology and human power. Students compete in one of several race categories including the primary push cart challenge, solar boat or car creation, C02 dragster challenge, robotics coding competition or the ultimate 24-hour human-powered endurance race. Approximately 1,600 students from across Queensland participate in the annual event, with some camping on the school grounds the night before the event.

The fastest speed recorded from a human-powered vehicle in the 2017 challenge was an impressive 47.965km/h!

The team at free2go feel privileged to be a part of his opportunity and to witness the work of our next generation of great innovators. We’re consistently looking for ways we can support our community through sponsorships and in-school presentations. It’s a unique opportunity for our team to attend these events and to promote the benefits of our free2go program. We aim to enable young drivers with the knowledge to make smart decisions around road safety and to provide mentorship and advice around getting their first job, buying a car, travelling and saving money. It’s events like the Fraser Coast Technology Challenge where students gain more of an awareness around road safety and receive hands-on education across designing, building and testing vehicles and machines.

The Fraser Coast Technology Challenge runs every year. Information on the winners of this year and photos of the event can be found on their website.

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