Hands-free mobile a safer option? Think again!

It’s well known that mobile phones and driving don’t mix well. In fact, the risk of crashing is FOUR-TIMES more likely if a driver is using their phone! Surely though a hands-free set is safer, right?

In its latest research update, the Centre for Accident Research & Safety (CARRS-Q) has found using a hands-free set-up whilst driving is just as distracting and just as risky for drivers as using a hand-held phone.

While studying the reaction time of drivers using a hand-held compared to a hands-free, researchers found that reaction times were more than 40% slower than those not using a phone at all.

This justifies the current road rules which make using a mobile phone, hand-held or hands-free, illegal for anyone on their Red P’s.

David Webber from RACQ’s Docudrama program, which educates Year 11 and 12 about driver and passenger safety, believes it’s important for P-Platers to understand the dangers of distraction.

“This definitely shows young drivers just why it’s important to not use their phone in any capacity when driving. Distraction is a major contributor to crashes and we strongly encourage young drivers to turn their phone off or put in flight mode to avoid any temptation while driving.”

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