Are you guilty of posting too many photos of your dog on Instagram? Here are nine ‘Insta famous’ dogs who have their own social following.

Boo - the Pomeranian (559k followers)

Boo the Pomeranian


Arguably the most famous pup in the world, Boo is a pomeranian who looks much more like a tiny teddy bear. He has starred on TV, has his own merchandise, has four PR agents and millions of fans. His photos often feature his furry siblings, Buddy and Blue.

Manny - the French Bulldog (1.1m followers)

Manny the french bulldog


Chicago-based Manny is a French bulldog with more than four million social media followers. He has starred on Steve Harvey’s US talk show and has been a model for Martha Stewart’s PetSmart line.

Dagger - the Mini Foxy cross Pomeranian (15.3k followers)

Dagger mini foxy cross pomeranian


Dagger Cannonball Thunderfang, or Dagger for short, is a mini foxy cross Pomeranian who is a local celebrity in San Francisco. He enjoys treats, being petted, attention from his local fans and keeping up to date with trendy hashtags.

Maddie - a rescue dog (1.2m followers)

Maddie the rescue dog


After being rescued from a shelter in Georgia, Maddie was adopted by her owner Theron, who has helped her in becoming an Instagram star. This was arguably made slightly easier given that she has incredible balance, loves exploring new places and has a photographer owner who captures her best moments.

Minnie and Max - the Pugs (106k followers)

Minnie and Max the famous pugs


You haven’t seen a head tilt until you’ve seen pug siblings Minnie and Max. Minnie and Max have starred on The Tonight Show, Animal Planet, Ellen, Regis & Kelly, GMA and YouTube. Their cutest move – the synchronised head tilt, of course!

Trotter - the French Bulldog (192k followers)

Trotter the french bulldog


Trotter is a self-proclaimed (or owner-proclaimed) hipster residing in San Francisco. She’s a french bulldog with the patience for a perfect photo, the wardrobe of a hipster superstar and the appetite of a great dane. “When we’re walking down the street, chefs literally run out of restaurants to give her bacon,” says her owner Sonya Yu.

Momo - the Border Collie (629k followers)

Momo the famous border collie


The Waldo of dogs, seven-year-old border collie Momo is fantastic at hide and seek with his owner, Andrew Knapp. Instagram photos of Momo are usually more of a game to try and find him as he hides among trees, cars, posts, snow, and much more. 

Jiff - the Pomeranian (8.8m followers)

Jiff the Pomeranian


Jiff the Pomeranian has a very similar look to Boo, which makes it no surprise that he’s a social media favourite and often labelled “too cute to actually exist”. He has starred in a Katy Perry video, a Target ad and even holds a world record for walking on two legs. He wears adorable outfits regularly and loves to indulge in human food.

Maru Taro - the Japanese Shiba Inu (2.6m followers)

Maro Taro Japenese Shiba Inu


A Japanese Shiba Inu made famous for falling asleep in the same position as his stuffed polar bear toy, Maru Taro is an Instagram sensation. He loves exploring the great outdoors and posing for photos, but most of all, he loves a good nap.

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