RACQ Docudrama Road Safety Program

The RACQ Docudrama is a two and a half hour senior school road safety education program that is offered free of charge to Year 11 and 12 students in Queensland secondary schools. As Queensland’s largest advocate for road safety education, Docudrama is both engaging and interactive and will empower your students to make better and informed choices both as a driver and passenger. Docudrama takes a community approach to road safety issues involving emergency service workers and other local professionals to help demonstrate a powerful ‘mock crash’ road safety scenario. Students then explore and are equipped with real world strategies for combating the ‘Fatal Five’ road safety issues; Drink and Drug Driving, Fatigue, Not Wearing a Seatbelt, Speeding and Distraction.

The Program will be divided into 3 sessions;

Session 1: The ‘mock’ car crash scene scenario

This scenario involves three actors playing the victims in a ‘mock’ car crash scene. The emergency services and funeral directors also play a role in this dramatization.

Session 2: The Prequel (1st debriefing session)

This session will explore the activities and decisions of the victims prior to the car crash.  Students are presented with facts and statistics addressing ‘The Fatal Five’ (not wearing a seat belt, speeding, fatigue, drink and drug driving, distraction).

Session 3: The Sequel (2nd debriefing session)

The final session involves developing strategies to empower students to make safer choices and decisions when they are either a driver or passenger of a vehicle.