Looking after your car

Basic car maintenance will save you money and reduce the risk of a breakdown. All you need to do is spend a few minutes each week to make sure your car is running safely and smoothly.

Here are some basic safety checks that everyone can do:

  • Check all exterior lights are working.
  • Check glass surfaces are clean and free from chips, cracks and scratches.
  • Check the windscreen wipers and washers operate efficiently.
  • Check wiper rubbers are secure and in good condition.
  • Make sure the horn works.
  • Test the handbrake to ensure it holds the car on steep hills.
  • Check the condition of the seat belts for wear, and make sure they lock when you give them a tug.
  • Check the tyre pressure and tyre condition including tread depth (which should always be at least 1.5mm across the entire tread width).
  • Check the oil and fluid levels, battery water level, windscreen washer fluid, engine coolant, power steering fluid and brake and clutch fluid.

Apart from your own maintenance, it’s important to build a relationship with a trusted mechanic. Your mechanic should keep you up to date with major repairs coming up, giving you time to budget for the more expensive services. For peace of mind use our RACQ Approved Repairer search tool.