Can the Learn2go online learner logbook be used instead of the hard copy logbook?


The Learn2go logbook is officially recognised by the Department of Transport and Main Roads and it is perfectly acceptable to use the online version in place of the hard copy logbook.  Furthermore, if you use the online version you are not required to keep or update your existing hard copy logbook.

Do I have to use the Learn2go online learner logbook?


Whilst not mandatory RACQ strongly recommends the use of the Learn2go Online Learner Logbook. The benefits include:

  • It is easy to read and it saves you the trouble of protecting your hard copy version.
  • You will always have a backup of the hours completed towards your 100 hours of on-road practical driving experience. Remember if your logbook is lost, damaged or illegible you will not be given any credit for the number of hours you have already obtained and you will be required to start recording your hours from zero

Why should I become a registered user of Learn2go?

Many reasons.

The Learn2go website provides many great benefits and tips for both learners and supervisors. Some reasons why you should become a registered user of the Learn2go website include:

For learners

Gaining access to the only Department of Transport and Main Roads officially recognised online learner logbook:

  • Automatic calculation for the number of day and night time hours you have completed
  • A reminder of how many hours you have left to go
  • Access to Learn2go competitions

For supervisors

Access to information showing all drives that your learner has completed and a counter displaying how many hours they have left to go
Keep up-to-date with handy tips, facts and other information via the Learn2go e-news

Do I need to be an RACQ member to use the Learn2go online logbook?


The Learn2go website was developed by the RACQ in conjunction with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to provide an online logbook alternative for the learner driving community. All members of the motoring public are encouraged to read and interact with the content on the Learn2go site.

There are however many advantages to RACQ membership and the free2go program including access to free and discounted roadside assistance as well as travel, insurance and retail discounts. For more information refer to the RACQ website or call us on 13 1905.

Can I enter drives I have completed in the past into my Learn2go logbook?


It is acceptable to enter past drives into the Learn2go online logbook providing that they were completed while you held your current learner licence.

Any drives that were completed using a learner licence that is now expired cannot be counted towards your current 100 hour requirement. When adding valid past entries, please ensure that all details are entered correctly and accurately.

Do my drives have to be entered into the Learn2go logbook chronologically?


Drives in the Learn2go logbook do not have to be entered in chronological order (oldest to newest). As long as they have been entered with the correct information they will still count towards your total hours of driving experience.

Can I submit my Learn2go logbook online?


When you have completed your 100 hours of on-road practical driving experience, the Learn2go logbook must be printed out and lodged at an Australia Post outlet. For more information on how to print and submit your online logbook please refer to the Submitting Your Logbook section of this website.

Can the Learn2go logbook be used by learners in other states?


The Learn2go logbook is only for use by learners with a current Queensland Learner Licence.

If you have recently moved to Queensland from another state and intend on applying for your provisional licence in Queensland, please see Interstate and overseas learner drivers from the Department of Transport and Main Roads website to find out more information about your requirements.

Can my supervisor approve my drives if they hold an interstate or international licence?


Providing that your supervisor holds the equivalent to a current Queensland open licence, and has held this for more than one year, they may supervise and approve your drives. Your supervisor cannot instruct you if they are on probation, holding a restricted or suspended licence, or holding a Learner or provisional licence.

Can I have numerous supervisors approve my drives?

You can have a number of different supervisors approve your drives. In fact, RACQ encourages having a number of different supervisors whilst you are learning to drive. To ensure your supervisor is eligible to approve your drives, make sure that they meet the requirements of a good supervisor. 

Where can I find more information on licensing requirements?

If you would like to find out more information about the licensing legislation that exists for Queensland learner and provisional drivers please refer to the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

How long will it take for my logbook to be approved?

The Department of Transport and Main Roads recommend allowing at least 12 business days for the logbook approval process. You can now submit your logbook with a signed copy of the Driving Experience Declaration form before you turn 17 years old to ensure all of your required paperwork is completed and approved before sitting your practical driving test.

Can I have additional passengers (other than my supervisor) while on my learners?

You are permitted to drive with other passengers in your vehicle as long as the supervisor is seated in the front passenger’s seat. We recommend, however, you do everything you can to minimise distractions to yourself whilst learning how to drive

Do my L &P Plates need to be on the outside of the car?

Your L & P plates must be placed on both the front and back of the car. Plates do not necessarily have to be outside of the car but they must be in clear vision of other drivers at any time (i.e. able to be seen 20m away). For more info visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads. You also need to aware that you must follow all the laws of that state you are travelling in.

Do I need to do anything different with my L or P plates in another state?

If you’re driving in another state you must follow that state’s laws. For example, whilst driving in NSW L & P plates must be clearly displayed outside of the cabin area on the front and rear of the vehicle. Before you leave Queensland to travel to another state, make sure you check out the rules for learner and provisional drivers for each state that you are travelling in. Here are some quick links: New South WalesVictoriaACTNorthern TerritoryWestern AustraliaSouth Australia.

What speed limit laws apply to me when driving interstate on my L & P plates?

Once you have crossed the border you must follow the laws of that state; including speed restrictions, displaying of plates and night time restrictions. So if you plan on going interstate make sure you check out the restrictions of the state you’re travelling in. Here are some quick links:New South WalesVictoriaACTNorthern TerritoryWestern AustraliaSouth Australia.

Can a person on an open licence drive with L or P plates on their vehicle?

That person could be fined if they drive a car with L or P plates on it. You must take the L & P plates off the car when you as the learner or provisional licence holder driver are not driving the car.

Is there any situation that I can drive on my L plates without a supervisor?

If you drive on your L Plates without a supervisor you risk losing demerit points and a fine. View the full list of Demerit points and Fines.

Who can be my supervisor?

Your supervisor must hold, and have held, a valid open driver licence for the class of vehicle you are learning to drive for at least one year.