To assist learner drivers and their supervisors, a series of practical skill videos have been created to act as a learner driver's first driving lesson. Ranging from basic, intermediate and advanced skills, the videos demonstrate how to successfully complete each of the driving skills/manoeuvres.

Each of the short videos is accompanied by an in-car check sheet for the supervisor to assess the leaner during the driving exercise. These practical skill videos are designed to ensure that leaner drivers gain suitable experience in a range of conditions and become competent drivers.

The Basics

Watch videos Learn about the importance of driver preparation and getting to know your car prior to driving.

Getting Started

Watch videos The Getting Started videos can show you how to master basic driving techniques.

Fine Tuning

Watch videos Improving your driving skills is simple when getting hints and tips from the Fine Tuning videos.

Traffic Rules

Watch videos There are so many traffic rules, it can be difficult to remember them all. Keep up to date with these Traffic Rules videos.

Traffic Skills

Watch videos Learn how to merge like a pro with these Traffic Skill videos.

Driver skills checklists

RACQ in-car learner driver checklists