Different road rules apply to different licence classes. You may be allocated demerit points and a fine if you’re caught and charged with a traffic violation.

Penalties and fines that apply to all licence holders:

  • failing to wear a seat belt or driving with a passenger who fails to wear a seatbelt
  • driver using a hand-held mobile phone while driving
  • speeding
  • disobeying traffic lights or signals
  • disobeying stop or give way signs
  • using an unroadworthy vehicle
  • unnecessary noise or smoke from vehicle
  • following too closely to another car
  • failing to use headlights appropriately

Planning a road trip? Remember that different road rules apply in different states. Check out our Interstate Driving page for helpful tips when travelling throughout Australia.

For further information about traffic offences and road rules in Queensland, head to the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

  • If a learner driver accumulates four or more demerit points in one year, a three month licence suspension will apply.
  • You can’t use your mobile while driving. This includes speaker phone, hands free and Bluetooth devices. The supervisor or any passengers are not able to use a mobile on speaker phone either.
  • L plates must be displayed on the front and rear of the car and must be visible from 20 metres away.
  • Learner drivers must be accompanied by a supervisor at all times when learning to drive and the supervisor must have held an open licence for at least one year in the class of vehicle they are learning how to drive.
  • Learner licence holders must maintain a zero blood or breath alcohol limit at all times when driving and cannot be under the influence of illegal drugs.

For more information head to the Department of Transport and Main Road website.

  • You must have your licence with you at all times when driving and show to police if requested.
  • There is no set rule about where you should place your GPS in your car. Just remember to put it somewhere that doesn’t:
    • reduce the driver’s vision
    • interfere with any safety systems within your car (eg. airbags)
    • hinder passenger movements
    • make contact with any occupant
    • dislodge in a crash
    • distract other drivers
  • It is illegal to hang anything from your rear view mirror.
  • It is illegal to drive without due care and attention. You must have proper control over the car you are driving. Simple tasks like changing CDs, adjusting the radio station, eating or drinking while you are driving could land you a fine if you happen to end up in an accident while your attention was off the road.
  • When speed limits are not specified in Queensland it is automatically 50km/h in residential areas and when travelling through rural areas the speed limit is 100km/h.
  • You can put stickers on your car but be careful where you place them. Any stickers put on a windscreen must not be within the swept arc of the windscreen wipers and cannot obstruct your view in any way.
  • Each state or territory in Australia has different requirements and restrictions that apply to learner and provisional drivers. Check out our interstate driving page for the laws in each state.
  • When driving with pets in the car ensure they are appropriately secured to ensure their safety and your own. Make sure the pet isn’t sitting on your lap and doesn’t distract you and never leave your pet alone in your car for any length of time.
  • Open licence holders may be fined if they are caught driving with L or P plates on their car.