Earning money

When you’re earning your own money, you’ll be able to buy the things that really matter to you. We’ve got some tips on how you can start making your own money, today.

1. Earn with a job

In Queensland, you can start work at 11 by doing delivery work. Once you’re 13, you can take on a job in other types of industries. The Queensland Government has information on all the places you can get a job based on your age.

2. Chores for friends and family

Doing simple jobs for cash is the easiest work you can do. Setting aside a few hours each weekend to mow the lawn or walk the neighbours’ dog will all seem worth it when you’ve got a nice fat cash deposit.

3. Save your parents some money

When your parents receive their bills, offer to find another provider that’ll save them money. If you find a better deal – you all split the savings. Win-win!

4. Start your own business

If you’re the entrepreneurial type, consider starting your own business. It can be something simple like selling items through gumtree or eBay, odd jobs around the neighbourhood, or making products and selling them at markets. Let your imagination run-wild and find something that you’ll really enjoy.

Good transaction and super accounts mean your money keeps growing, even after you’ve been paid. We’ve got tips on being smart with your money so you can earn more. You’ve worked hard, so let’s take a few minutes setting yourself up.


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